Sabina Kramle, born 1986, is an artist based in Sweden, Helsingborg mainly working with reclaimed materials.


The inspiration mainly comes from unwanted material - "trash" in other words. The goal is to give the unwanted a new life and purpose and inspire the viewer to look at material with new eyes. The big dream is to inspire to a more environmental friendly way of consuming and producing. My belief is that with love, knowledge and time invested everything can be given a second life and to be looked at as beautiful again.


The goal is most often to use as much reclaimed material as possible. Experiments starts with small fragments and are slowly growing into finished pieces. The materials are preferably of the same kind to make the piece recycleble. The process is often extremly time consuming and consists of alot of repetetive work.


Recognized by conventional form built of unconventional parts/material. I strive to manipulate the material just enough to give it a new form but still keep the previous visible. The result - A new form with traces of the past.


I been an architecture student for two years and previous of that two years of building engineering. After generating attention from Swedish Victorias secret for a bag I made of canrings I got the opportunity to design for their catwalk show in 2012. Since then the goal has been to work full time with creating sustainable art.






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